Joseph Zonys @ Urban Therapeutics is one of the most outstanding Massage Therapists in Vancouver! The office atmosphere is very relaxing and calm and the location is very easy to get to! Joseph Zonys is a remarkable Massage therapist who has never failed to impress me and always has me leaving feeling great! He listens to your problems and sure knows how to address them in order to make you feel better. Joseph is great at what he does, and I would recommend anyone to go and have him work on you! You will not be disappointed!

- R.J.

I've been visiting Joseph every month for over 2 years now. I've seen 20+ different RMTs and he is the best I've ever visited. Massage therapy for me helps relieve tension and stiffness I seem to carry in my shoulders and back. Joseph is very intuitive with his treatments and I always leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and healed.

What also sets him apart from other RMTs is his calming, personable nature. He's a great guy and knows how to make you feel at ease. His treatments are truly therapeutic and he doesn't just "go through the motions." I've referred a number of friends and colleagues to him (both men and women) and they are now loyal clients who feel the same.

Urban Therapeutics is a comfortable and relaxing space. The studio has a very zen ambiance, and not clinical or sterile like RMT clinics can often be.

I highly recommend him for your next massage.

- Eddy

Out of the all of massage therapists I have been to Joseph is by far the best. Joseph is an extremely knowledgeable, personable and conscientious professional who gives 100% of his effort to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment at urban therapeutics, you won't regret it.

- Mike

"By far the Best Registered Massage Therapy treatment I have ever received. Joseph has a wonderful balance of being clinical with an intuitive touch. His pressure is strong yet gentle. If needed, he can access and relieve deeper muscles, if they are the root cause of pain. His demeanour is professional, and comfortable. I have tried several RMT's not one of them was able to give me deep relief in a single session. Joseph did. I rebooked to go back in a couple of days. Happy to have crossed paths, and have his help on my road to healing and well-being. Highly recommend!"

- Mélany

"I've been to a few massage therapists in the past and never really felt it did much good. A friend recommended I go see Joseph. He changed my view on the benefits of massage therapy. He really knows how to focus on the problem areas and provide release from tense and tight muscles. He is very professional, caring and easy to talk to. I especially like how he is very good a deep tissue massages. You can ask for deep tissue massages or light massages if you just want to relax and feel pampered. I have recommended Joseph to friends and they have been so impressed with him, a lot of them are now regular clients of his. I highly recommend Joseph."

- S.L.

"As a longtime massage therapy patient, I was in a position where I needed to find a new RMT based on the convenience factor for me. I tried Joseph based on location and reviews. I was really impressed with the clinic, extremely well appointed and super relaxing and pristine. When I met Joseph he was super nice, welcoming and accommodating. My first visit was 45 mins. It was a very great session. Joseph is very personable and all through my visit he asked about pressure, etc. He has really strong hands which is important to me in a RMT. I left floating on a cloud and recommending him to my friends. Booked one hour today and I feel amazing. When I got home I booked three more one hour visits. This is the guy. Highly recommended!"

- Mark

"Joseph is a life-saver. Being a full time music student, I get a lot of shoulder and back pain from practicing and slouching over desks all day. Joseph works very mindfully and also has some wisdom to share during the sessions. My back and I are very thankful to have found him, and I have recommended him to quite a few people already."

- Ava

"I found Joseph after being in a car accident in December. Having him find and focus on the problem areas in my back made recovery a snap. Now that the treatments are completed for the accident, I continue to this day to make regular visits as they improve my quality of living. Joseph has been an awesome discovery and recommend his frequently to colleagues and friends!"

- Jamie

"One of the best massages. After having read all the reviews online, I decided to try Joseph Zonys. I am quite a skeptic when it comes to MT and have had my share of poor experiences. After my initial assessment, I was impressed by his professionalism, his attention, and his empathic approach. I highly recommend him if you are a skeptic or even have some anxiety re: MT. He has a great bedside manner. Will be going back for sure. Thank you, Joseph!"

- Mike

"Joseph is the 'real deal'. I had a car accident and he really assisted me in my recovery. His knowledge and professionalism is top notch, he just made me feel at ease and was willing to answer all my questions. If you need a massage therapist I would highly recommend Joseph, he will take good care of you and provide you with a high level of service. I know many of these reviews sound 'cliche' but let me tell you that I have no concerns sending anyone to him. He was very helpful in returning my body to the way it was before my accident."

- Kurtis

"I was really lucky to have recently discovered Joseph. Joseph's approach is holistic and he went above and beyond to understand my unique injury from a car accident 3.5 years ago. I am happy to report my 'chronic pain' has dissipated and I am back to regular activity. This has been an incredibly freeing experience and I highly recommend him!"

- Michelle

"Joseph possesses a rare combination of strength, technique, and extensive knowledge of massage therapy. Not only does he do his very best to ensure that I walk away from our session painfree each and every time, but he also takes the time to show me stretches and exercises for my specific pain points. I've also found that Joseph's positive attitude and outlook is contagious. leaving me in a positive, relaxed state after each session. I would absolutley recommend Joseph to anyone looking for effective pain management and relaxation!"

- John

Joseph was highly recommended by a friend and he even exceeded those expectations! He warmly welcomed me to my appointment and took time to actively listen to my health concerns. His calm and professional demeanour put me at ease and throughout the therapy session he made sure to ask how I was feeling. Quite honestly, I felt such relief after the treatment that I am sure I floated home!! Best RMT ever :))

- Sally.L

I've tried RMTs all over Vancouver and Joseph is my go-to. Easy to book with the online system and extremely great at what he does. I always leave feeling much, much better than when I arrived. He also has a very calming manner - visiting is kind of like stepping into a zen oasis. Can't recommend him enough. Location is easy to get to as well.

- Christina

Best RMT in Vancouver- very powerful but gentle at the same time (and I say that as a self-confessed wimp who doesn't like pain!) I always walk away feeling a thousand times better, a combination of amazing massage skills and an incredibly chilled out and caring manner. Can't recommend enough.

- Natalie

Joseph is a fantastic RMT. After the massage I always feel like I have been reborn into a kinder, better world. He is the right person to go to if you are in pain or if you just want to unwind. He is powerful but can also be gentle if that is required. Feel comfortable talking with him because he really cares about the health of all his clients. Highly recommended. Also, very easy online booking system, convenient downtown location, restful environment - clean but not clinical, and a frequent massage discount program. I can't believe something this good is covered by benefits. :-) "

- Tracey

"As a clerical worker who uses the computer all day long, I have much neck, shoulder and low back strain. Over the past fifteen years I have tried many RMTs in Vancouver; most times I only had one treatment from them as they did not seem to fully address all my problem areas. Moreover, many of the RMTs felt like they were just doing a job rather than offering a treatment for pain. Fortunately, I found Joseph in June 2012 by googling 'Vancouver RMT', and have been going every two weeks since. He is able to mix professionalism with a caring, personal demeanor that puts you at ease. He is intuiative but also communicates with his clients to ensure that the right amount of pressure is being used. After his treatments my muscles know they have been treated, but not to the point where they ache all night for feel bruised. I highly recommend Joseph to anyone who needs either deep tissue relief or a treatment to reduce stress. Also, if the music isn't to your liking, don't be afraid to request that it be changed."

- Doug

"Joseph Zonys is the best RMT I have ever been to. Being a full time yoga instructor and musician, Joseph's sessions provide the perfect balance of zen and active release to help to deal with stress and improve both my practice and performances. Joseph is a fantastic massage therapist and I recommend him to all of my students."

- Will

"Joseph is an awesome RMT who is passionate about what he does and truly cares for his clients. He makes you feel comfortable and listens to your needs. During the massage, he consistently asks if more or less pressure is needed and has a very peaceful and kind personality. I always feel like I'm on a cloud afterwards. Also, you can pick your music and there are free jelly bellies :) "

- Stephanie

'For those not interested in the long version, here it is in short: Go see Joseph. He is an incredible RMT and if you're on the fence, get off it, and go find some heaven in the release of the muscles that ache you.

Here is why I say that: I was nervous to try massage therapy. I had a friend tell me that a "real" massage was quite painful. That it was essential for them to have to dig into your muscles fiercely to help you. And since I am an ambulatory spinal cord injured quadriplegic who experiences nerve pain, patchy numbness, sensation and sensitivity issues, this scared the living crap out of me. But I kept being told that massage could help alleviate some of my pain symptoms, and even my tone and muscle fatigue issues. So I found myself gritting my teeth and deciding to give it a try.

A somewhat random and extremely lucky google search found me Joseph Zonys. With his encouraging attitude and positive views he creates a safe environment wherein he listens to you and works with your needs. He completely understands the value of relaxation and stress relief - honestly, in my experience, this plays a huge part in recovery, too - while simultaneously addressing any tough spots with incredible skill and as much or as little pressure as you want or can handle. He has intense strength, or surprising gentleness; whatever is best for you.

He always listens, and will help heal, without having to put you through this hour of torment I've heard about to do it. (Unless, I suppose, you want that.)

I've dubbed his massage table as a magical place of melty wonder. I leave with a dopey grin on my face that even strangers comment on the radiance of, and revel in the natural high created.

But most importantly, I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and with a surprising amount of symptom relief in all corners of my poor little bodies pain world. From the major issues, to just that damn persistent knot between my shoulder blades from sitting at the computer too much. (I cannot tell you how incredible it is to FINALLY not have that hurting me.)

I think no matter your scenario, you'd be wise to give Joseph a visit. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime, always.'

- Kristina

'My therapist is Joseph, and he is a god send.

Very VERY focused on making the most out of each appointment. Thorough pre-interview recapping on last visits and how things are going (EVERY APPOINTMENT!). Lots of note taking, anatomy books out, very professional. and VERY knowledgeable. No judgement and very easy to talk to. This process also does not take up that much time, but it is really nice to feel like you are remembered and that were always moving forward and not having to repeat everything every time you go in.

Honestly one of the best therapists I have been to in a LONG time. Strong enough to get the knots out, but also very intuitive to how your body responds to the treatments. Really truly wants to help. AND does!'

- Lasha